What is eyLog?

EyLog is an integrated web and tablet-based nursery and childcare application which allows a setting to easily record, monitor and plan a child’s development, through capturing observations providing a more detailed insight into the child’s progress.

EyLog provides a 360* flow of information, as parents can access and contribute to a child’s profile in real time. Having the opportunity to provide parental feedback can have a significant impact on a child’s development as an Early Years Educator is getting a holistic overview of a child and encompass this into planning and target learning options.

How does eyLog work?

EyLog is an electronic application which can be accessed from a tablet or the web. It is used to capture picture, videos and audio clips of a child’s activity within nursery or at home. Within nursery these observations combined with written statements are linked directly to the EYFS and development plans and next steps of a child’s progress highlighted.


Parents Overview

Please read this informative introduction that will provide all you need to know about eyLog: eyLog for Parents

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