Building a Reputation

Smart Kids has been building a reputation for over 20 years to be the best childcare provider in your area.

We know that your priority is finding the right environment for your child. Their time spent within nursery is an investment into your child’s future and we strive to make sure we meet all your child’s needs as well as earn your trust and confidence.

Our years of experience delivering leading childcare within Preston gives you peace of mind that your child develops as an individual in a happy, safe and nurturing environment allowing learning enthusiasm and confidence to grow.

What Makes Us Unique

Smart Kids is certainly one of the most unique childcare settings within the north west. Our roots lie in an old community centre behind Fulwood Barracks some 20 years ago.

By building relationships within in the community, forming cohesive networks across the North West and establishing foundations within a multi-cultural community allowed Smart Kids a unique opportunity to takeover an old storage facility located on Bhailok Square. This was specially renovated into a fully purpose-built nursery.

Having the ability to design, create and lay the foundations for a purpose-built childcare facility gave us the bespoke setting we see today.

We are Unique Because:

  • We are a purpose-built nursery
  • OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ Rating
  • 4 bespoke rooms
  • Underfloor heating
  • Large natural outside play area
  • On-site car parking
  • Easily accessed on foot, or by road and bus services.
  • 15 permanent members of staff
  • 6 Safe Guarding Officers
  • 15 Paediatric first aiders

Why Choose Smart Kids

Giving your child the opportunity to be part of a childcare setting is an investment in their future. Research shows that children who attend a setting supported by the Early Years Foundation Stage create children who are more confident and who go on to do better at school.

Providing your child with as many learning opportunities as we can within the setting allows for ongoing educational learning, physical development, emotional and social interaction, which promotes independence and confidence.

A stimulating environment with a rich tapestry for play, discovery, exploration, curiosity, creative and experimental opportunities allows your child to engage their own ability to be natural learners.


Individual Childcare

Smart Kids prides itself on acknowledging every child is unique and their care and educational development should be reflected in our best possible practise. Our ‘key person approach’ gives your child one main carer within their room. They help them to feel safe and secure, ready to learn and play whilst developing an understand about the world around them. It also gives you the confidence that their key person understands your child and creates a focus for parent / early years educator relationships to develop.

We want you to know we are providing leading first class childcare, supported by OFSTED and our regulatory bodies. Because of this we are always adapting, changing, improving, monitoring and evaluating the standard of childcare received by every child.