Pre-School Meet Jolly Molly Dolly

Today, some of our Pre-School visited the local library, to learn more about children with disabilities.

They listened to a story of a day in the life of Jolly Molly Dolly, read by the book’s author Julia Kay O’Connor.

The children enjoyed discovering more about the sensory experiences of what a disabled child would eat at meal and snack times. The children had to guess what fruit the children would have, by smelling the extract from a bottle.

To represent a disabled child using a swimming pool to help improve their muscles and joints, the Pre-School children were given a light spray of warm water on their hand. They also had the opportunity to test their balance, by pushing themselves off the floor with one hand and one leg in the air.

Thank you to Fulwood Sharoe Green library for accommodating us, and to Julia Kay O’Connor for her excellent book-reading skills!

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