Local chef helps Smart Kids celebrate Pancake Day!

This Tuesday, Smart Kids celebrated Pancake Day and were delighted to welcome local chef Mr Cash into the nursery to help the children make their own pancakes.

Mr Cash, who is a chef at local Preston restaurant Bistro Pierre, helped small groups of excited children from the two-year-old and Pre-School rooms mix their pancake batter, before pouring it into the frying pan.

The children pointed out the smell of the batter as it cooked, and they noticed the steam that it produced. Mr Cash also made sure that the dairy-free children didn’t miss out on their fun.

When their pancake was cooked, each child took their plate to the table and took the toppings of their choice… chocolate was a particular favourite!!

All the children at Smart Kids would like to thank Mr Cash for giving up his precious time in helping so many of the children who were eager to make their own creation!


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